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Synchronized skating, also known as “synchro,” is a highly technical form of team ice skating that combines the artistry and athleticism of ice dance and individual or pairs figure skating. Synchro is characterized by a team that moves as a single unit at high speeds on ice while performing accurate, intricate formations and transitions to music.  Each synchro team consists of 8-20 skaters that perform complex, side-by-side elements with precise timing, in unison.  Depending on their skill level, either Beginner (Aspire), Developmental, or Competitive, synchro teams are eligible to compete locally, regionally, sectionally, nationally and internationally as part of TEAM USA.  During competitions, synchro teams are judged on a variety of components including skating skills, transitions, performance, composition, interpretation and difficulty, similar to ice dance and individual or pairs figure skating.

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Introduction to Synchronized Skating


Benefits of Synchronized Skating

History of Synchronized Skating


Team Definitions

Required Elements

Synchronized skating elements of the Carolina Formation Novice Team at the 2022 U.S. Synchronized Skating Eastern Sectionals.

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